The giving of commemorative rings to members of a championship team is a tradition that dates back nearly a hundred years. Team championship rings are a way for each member of the team to share in the glory of their collective accomplishment. Trophies are great but are at best briefly held by team members before going behind glass at the team headquarters. Championship rings on the other hand are distributed to each team member to keep and wear as they see fit.

At J3 Rings Toronto we design and manufacture extraordinary and affordable team championship rings for athletes at every level…

  • Whatever the Sport – We create some of the most unforgettable championship sports rings you’ll find anywhere. Our rings are worn by championship hockey teams, basketball teams, football teams, baseball teams, soccer teams and many others across Canada and beyond.
  • Whatever the Budget – We craft beautiful lasting team championship rings for schools and organizations from every financial background and take the same care and attention to detail on every ring we make. Whether you need white gold and diamonds or something more discreet, your J3 Rings creation will always help you make a statement and look great doing it.
  • Whatever the Style – We offer an incredible array of styles from which to choose with each one individualized using your team’s iconography to reflect the nature of your accomplishment. Our designs range from modest and stylish to full born blingfests that will rock your world. The choice is yours. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Whatever the Occasion – Whether you intend to distribute your championship rings during a private party or a very public event with the world’s press on hand we’ll make sure the unveiling is a thing to remember and that your unique championship rings do your team justice.


The same hard work, dedication and skill that goes into becoming a champion also goes into the creation of every one of our championship rings. The rings you get from J3 Rings are not mass produced cookie cutter jobs but distinct, one of a kind artistic creations that express the values and history of your team with style and integrity. When you trust J3 Rings to create your championship rings for you you’ll reap the benefits of our:

  • Passion for the work we do
  • State of the art CAD/CAM design and manufacturing
  • Deep abiding appreciation for all the best that organized sports represent
  • Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and care

Let us put our 35 years of experience to work creating championship rings for your team that will become part of the lore of your historic campaign. The rings we create for you will both symbolize your triumph and help record it for posterity.

At J3 Rings we believe in the value of teamwork and the importance of recognizing and celebrating extraordinary moments in life. Let us help you recognize and celebrate your extraordinary moment with team championship rings you’ll never forget.