Little League Championship Rings: The little league world series is the culmination of the year in worldwide little league baseball but it’s hardly the only little league championship. All told there are nearly 3 million kids on thousands of teams around the world who participate in little league. Those teams are divided into regions, divisions, subdivisions and more, and each of those regions, divisions, subdivisions and age groups has their own championship. In spite of this, winning a little league championship is still difficult to do and deserving of praise and commemoration.


Part of the job of a great championship ring is to tell the story of your team’s triumph and to create a lasting keepsake for you and your teammates to remember long after your ring size has changed. J3 Rings is honoured to produce championship rings for little league teams all over the world who desire to reward their players’ dedication and fighting spirit. While the day will surely come when your little league experience is a dusty memory, your experiences on the diamond will always be available for reliving if your team chose little league championship rings from J3 Rings. That’s because our rings:

  • Recognize the extraordinary effort young athletes put forth every day
  • Provide both the players and team managers with valuable keepsakes
  • Are so beautifully designed and manufactured you’ll think they cost far more than they do
  • Employ CAD/CAM design and production techniques just like the rings we make for the pros
  • Are available in dozens of designs that can be customized to fit any team’s identity

Our values of hard work, dedication to craft, honesty and integrity dovetail nicely with the little league mission statement, so it’s only natural that so many little league champions would trust the creation of their little league championship rings to us. We’re the industry leaders in recognizing achievement, promoting excellence and raising the quality bar. Each and every championship ring we create possesses:

  • Beauty – Our little league championship rings are both visually stunning and stylistically contemporary. Our goal is timeless appeal that will look as good when the recipient has little league players of his or her own as they do today.
  • Affordability – We understand that little league is not the multibillion dollar enterprise the pros navigate but we also believe that quality and style don’t need to suffer due to budget concerns. We make the most of our materials and never scrimp on detail or design.
  • Uniqueness – Another aspect of our attention to detail is the fact that your little league championship rings will never be mistaken for that of another team. Our designers are masters of form and are constantly finding new and exciting ways to express the ideals associated with championship sports.

Don’t trust your priceless memories to just anyone. Choose the company that’s been creating memories for little league champions since, well, some of us were little league players. Trust the design professionals at J3 Rings.