Hockey Championship Rings: Ice hockey is one of the world’s most gruelling sports. Fast paced and physically demanding, ice hockey requires athletes who possess a dogged determination and unparalleled skills. A modern hockey player is a combination rugby player, figure skater, chess player and dancer with the stamina of a marathon runner and the keen eye of the marksman who must possess both brute force and a deft touch. To achieve championship status at any level of competitive hockey is to beat the odds in a way perhaps unique in the sports world and we believe hockey championship rings should reflect that. When you get them from J3 Rings, they do.


J3 Rings in Toronto was founded in 1980 right around the time a young man in Edmonton was grabbing the hockey world by the horns and taking it for an unforgettable ride. The Great One’s emergence as a global superstar propelled hockey to previously unheard of heights and generated appreciation for the hard work and skill of these uncommon athletes.

In the 35 years since we’ve created countless hockey championship rings for individuals and teams from pee wee to the pros and always endeavour to imbue them with the spirit of pride and excellence the sport demands of its players. Hockey championship rings from J3:

  • Reward Excellence – Championship rings from J3 are the ultimate reward for players at every level of the game whose grit and determination has pushed their team over the top. They are tangible evidence of long years of work along the blue line, in the net and behind the bench.
  • Promote Teamwork – Beautifully crafted championship rings from J3 Rings help cement a sense of camaraderie amongst team members and an appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices each individual has made on their collective journey to the ultimate goal.
  • Provide Motivation – The shared experience of receiving beautiful championship rings can help provide motivation for the next season’s campaign. They are visible reminders to each member of the team that dreams do come true. It’s the kind of intangible that can help a team retain focus during those seemingly unimportant games in mid-season.
  • Look Good – Let’s face it, hockey championship rings are the ultimate hockey bling. Big, bold and uniquely yours they state emphatically that you have arrived at the pinnacle of the sport. When you entrust J3 Rings to create your championship ring we’ll craft a finished product for you that will generate the oohs and aahs and leave your competitors green with envy.

For the highest quality hockey championship rings available anywhere come to J3 Rings in Toronto. We’ll work closely with you to design a ring that speaks to the magnitude of your achievement but doesn’t send you to the penalty box for overspending. The right to wear any championship ring is hard earned and not available to many. Make sure the ring you choose is one of quality and distinction. Make sure it’s from J3 Rings.