Perhaps no piece of jewelry on planet earth is as recognizable as the Super Bowl ring. Big, brash, bold and beautiful they embody the oversized effort, confidence and determination it takes to rise to the summit of the football world. But stunning football championship rings are not the exclusive domain of the world’s top footballers, they are available to every team at every level that rises above the competition to claim their moment of glory.


The designers at J3 Rings never rest when it comes to creating unique championship rings for every level of football success. We apply the same degree of expertise and craftsmanship to each ring we make whether it’s for your Pop Warner team or the national champions. Our rings are crafted to embody all the traits that allowed your team to elevate its game above the competition including:

  • Personality – Every winning team has a personality all its own and we strive to capture that in the design of your football championship rings. The shape, arrangement of elements, type of materials, weight and colour all figure into determining how to express your team’s distinct personality in metal and stone.
  • Drive – In order to endure the incredible physical demands you and your teammates put on your bodies throughout the long football season you need to be blessed with a degree of drive most other people can barely imagine. Our rings embody your insistence and presence with their confident, bold design.
  • Vision – In order to climb the mountain you need to envision yourself at the top before the first football of the season is snapped. Then you have to store that vision away and use it as a constant reminder of the ultimate goal; the championship. Your rings should reflect in three dimensions this ultimate goal.
  • Brains – No one reaches the top of any league without being just a little bit smarter than the competition. Your championship rings should reflect your team’s intelligence and football savvy in their exquisite detailing and leading edge design.

No one is better than J3 Rings of Toronto at being able to suffuse football championship rings with the personality of the recipient team. To do that we listen carefully to what you’d like to see then suggest multiple design paths we might take to arrive at the desired look and feel. Through a process of give and take the final design emerges and is then brought to life by our production experts.

Your team’s legacy is a priceless but ephemeral commodity that will serve to enrich the future lives of everyone involved in the championship run if properly preserved. Don’t let the glory and excitement slip into obscurity. Keep the memory of your accomplishment alive and fresh with a beautifully designed football championship ring from J3 Rings. We’ve been helping champions preserve their peak moments for more than 35 years. Let us demonstrate what we can do for you.