Your athletic dreams have come true and you or your team now sit atop the mountain, champions of your sport. Whether you are in high school, college or at the semi-pro or professional level the thrill of winning a championship is one few non-athletes will ever fully comprehend. The years of training, the thousands of hours of preparation, study and special diets and most of all the practice, practice, practice have all paid off and now you stand alone. Isn’t your achievement worthy of custom championship rings for all involved?


When the New York Yankees won the World Series in 1923 they were given commemorative pocket watches for their efforts. Can you imagine flashing a championship pocket watch today as proof of your accomplishment? We didn’t think so.

Today you want more than a fancy watch or a cookie cutter ring created by a stamp press and identical to the one worn by last year’s champions. You want something that speaks to you, your team and its identity. J3 custom championship rings are handcrafted to reflect the personality of the wearers and include unique graphic treatments of your team’s symbols and history. Each ring we produce features our:

  • Finest Quality Materials – Whether you’re on a limited budget or you’ve got the owner’s deep pockets to draw from, all the materials that go into our championship rings are of the finest quality and will look as good decades from now as they do on the day of delivery.
  • State of the Art Production – Our computer aided design and manufacturing ensures precise tolerances so that the custom championship rings we create for your team will fit like a glove and reflect the seamless construction values of the finest jewelry available.
  • Stunning one of a Kind Design – No one will mistake your custom championship rings for anyone else’s. Your franchise or school insignia, as well as other identifying iconography unique to your team will be the basis of the design for your custom rings and make them immediately identifiable as yours.
  • Your Complete Satisfaction – We fully guarantee all of our workmanship and strive with every ring we produce to exceed our customer’s wildest expectations. We value each and every customer and make it our business to turn their incredible achievements into wearable art they’ll enjoy the rest of their lives.

Only a few are ever afforded the honour of wearing championship rings. Creating these unique mementos of your skill and perseverance is a privilege we never take lightly. From our designers to the men and women who forge the final product, everyone at J3 Rings is committed to making sure we deliver a ring of extraordinary balance, beauty and recognizability for each of our clients.

The custom championship ring of your dreams is as close as our contact page. Let the design pros at J3 Rings create a one of a kind memento for you that befits your status and enriches your timeless memories.