The time has come to commemorate your team’s grit and perseverance in winning the league or division baseball championship with sparkling, unforgettable baseball championship rings from J3 Rings. Over the years we’ve created championship rings for teams at every level of the baseball universe. Rings that are more than just jewelry. Rings that are tangible reminders of every swing, every pitch and every fly ball chased down during the long season as well as that priceless moment when it was over and one team stood alone to receive the roar of the crowd.

Baseball championships are special because baseball itself is special. It’s more than simply a bat, a ball and 4 bases. It’s life played out over 9 innings and as such has many things to teach about living. As baseball fans ourselves we take these same lessons to heart such as:

  • How to Work Together – One of the most important lessons a person can learn from baseball is how to join forces with others toward the successful completion of a common goal. Creating championship rings requires the same kind of team work from our top designers all the way down to the folks who polish the finished product.
  • How to Deal with Pressure – Standing alone in the batter’s box with the game on the line can be extremely stressful. Baseball teaches us to ignore the noise and keep our eye on the ball. A valuable lesson we’re constantly calling upon as we strive for ever greater degrees of originality and quality in our championship rings.
  • The Value of Hard Work – No team receives baseball championship rings unless they’ve been willing to do the unglamorous work all year long. In that same spirit everyone involved with the production of our championship rings works tirelessly to ensure no details are overlooked and no customer concern goes unaddressed.
  • Staying Goal Oriented – No matter the distractions, the feelings, the personalities, the disappointments and unforced errors you stay focused on the goal if you want to collect those championship rings at the end of the season. It’s a lesson we never lose sight of as we renew our focus on the goal of complete customer satisfaction with each new client.


We take pride in every baseball championship ring we make whether for the pros or for the kids. The championship ring we create for you reflects the skill and tenacity of your team, the history of the game and now your place in that history. Your season has been all about the details and we approach the design and manufacturing of your ring the same way. Because of that your ring evokes all the special moments of your championship campaign like nothing else can or will.

So when you’re looking for a company to create your baseball championship rings come to J3 Rings. We have a style for every taste and budget and more than 35 years of experience making baseball dreams come true.