The Championship Ring: Keepsake or Bling?

team championship ringsThere is sometimes confusion among those tasked with getting team championship rings for their victorious squad. That confusion revolves around the nature of the ring itself. Is it the ultimate expression of athletic superiority to be flashed with impunity at public events, or is it a keepsake you receive at a ring ceremony and then store away to show the kids and grandkids? It’s actually a really good question and, because we at J3 Rings are here to help we asked 4 of our own in-house experts how they felt about it. Below are their responses summarized for this post.

Our Experts Chime in on the True Purpose of Team Championship Rings

Here is how our in-house experts responded when we asked them if championship rings were intended to be worn or stored away for posterity.

Championship Rings are Meant to be Worn

  • Expert 1: There’s no more definitive statement of excellence in any sport than team championship rings. While some professional athletes may not wear their ring or rings on a regular basis there are plenty of everyday athletic heroes who do and millions more who would if the opportunity arose.
  • Expert 2: Wearing your championship ring may not be something you do every day but is certainly something many young athletes do when they head out for a night on the town with their friends. They clean up nice, put on their best clothes, pop on their championship ring and go out with their head held high. As long as you don’t rub it in people’s faces it’s a great ice breaker and conversation starter.

Championship Rings Are the Ultimate Keepsake

  • Expert 3: While there are lots of youngsters out there who’d be so psyched to receive a championship ring that they’d wear it everywhere the fact is it’s more keepsake than jewellery. Lots of athletes at every level put their rings into the safe deposit box or trophy case after the ring ceremony and only break it out on special occasions like team reunions.

Those are certainly good arguments in favour of both positions but the fact is there’s a middle way when it comes to championship rings laid out succinctly by our fourth in-house expert.

  • Expert 4: Who says it has to be one or the other? You wear it for a while after you win the championship and then you put it in storage and go try to win another one. Championship rings were never intended to be an either/or proposition. They’re basically miniature individual trophies that you can wear or you can display in your trophy case or both. It’s entirely up to you and that’s how it should be.

While we appreciate all our experts’ opinions we’re inclined to agree with expert 4. Team championship rings are whatever you want them to be. The most important thing is to simply enjoy them and the accomplishment they represent. If your team has just finished off a championship campaign contact J3 Rings and let us create a dazzling memento your victors will cherish for years to come.