Basketball Championship Rings

Basketball Championship RingsThe last second 3 pointer rips through the net to seal your team’s victory. The crowd goes wild, your teammates go wild, euphoria fills the arena as the confetti falls and the music blares. It’s been an incredible season and you and your teammates ended it on the mountain top where you were presented the trophy as champions of basketball. But once the pictures have been taken and the speeches made, the trophy is whisked away to take up residence in a fancy cabinet somewhere and you can be pretty sure you’ve touched it for the last time. Now what? Basketball Championship Rings.

Basketball Championship Rings: The Sixth Man

Basketball Championship rings are important for more than their sentimental value. To a certain degree they are almost like the 6th man who comes off the bench to provide a spark when things are looking down. A championship ring from J3 Rings provides:

  • Satisfaction – Players who’ve put their bodies and minds on the line night after night in front of screaming crowds want to know their efforts were appreciated. Championship rings have been proven to provide a level of satisfaction for a job well done that few other sports related ephemera are capable of doing. “The ring’s the thing” as they say.
  • Inspiration – They also say the thing that separates the best from the rest is this: the best look at their first championship ring and think. “This is great. I want another.” While the rest look at their ring and think: “Now I can relax.”
  • Attraction – Sure a nice big piece of sports memorabilia sitting astride your finger is likely to attract attention of the interpersonal kind, and that’s great. But rings have also been used as recruitment devices with players wearing their rings as lures during conversations with would be draft picks or transfers. They do it because it works and it works because everyone speaks the language of the ring whether they know it or not.
  • Reputation – Nothing secures an athlete’s reputation as a winner more clearly and authoritatively than a championship ring. The top hard court heroes look for any excuse to flash these symbols of their dominance because basketball championship rings say “success” in ways words never could.

At J3 Rings we understand your need to commemorate your rise to the top and so we’ve created a full line of basketball championship rings that bring back those special moments every time you put them on. Our rings are made of only the finest materials with our designs based on lengthy conversations with you, the champion, so you can be sure they’ll reflect your team’s special values and history.

To players who realize they may never sit atop the mountain again winning a championship is the kind of peak moment that cries out for special recognition. Let us preserve your shining moment for you in the form of a beautiful basketball championship ring. It may be just the motivation you need to win another one next year!