6 Traits Every Good Championship Ring Maker Has in Common

Creating memorable championship rings is a business to some http://j3rings.combut to the best it’s more than that; it’s a craft. Anyone can buy a bunch of cheap ‘sports rings’ made in some overseas sweatshop and sell them on the web. The best want to know about your team, its personality and its accomplishment. They then use this information to craft a ring of singular application. Below we’ll outline what we believe to be the 6 traits all the best championship ring craftsmen exhibit.

Traits That Result in First-Class Championship Rings

A first-class championship ring doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of time and effort and the common traits the best apply to their work. Those traits are:

  • The Human Touch – If there is any business where a personal touch is called for it’s the championship ring business. Sports championships are the ultimate personal accomplishment and your ring shouldn’t look like it was spit out by a soulless, indifferent machine somewhere. The best championship ring makers understand this to their core.
  • Selflessness – You wouldn’t put a huge gem-encrusted ring on the finger of an 8 year old little league champ. Conversely you wouldn’t want to scrimp on the bling for a pro team that won a league title. The ability to focus on what’s appropriate instead of what returns the largest profit is an example of selflessness in the ring maker that benefits the customer.
  • Dedication – You can’t really be much good at something if you’re not totally dedicated to it. That goes for athletes as well as for those crafting championship rings. You can tell the difference between a ring that was bought from some faceless “virtual” company and one that was created by people who know sports jewellery inside and out.
  • Intuition – Often a team owner or manager will approach the task of finding rings for their team with no idea where to start. With such folks it’s important that the people they contact have a high degree of natural intuition about what will and won’t work in a given situation. Intuition isn’t something that can be taught but the best ring makers all have it.
  • Patience – In some cases a design won’t come together right away. In those instances it’s crucial that whoever is tasked with creating the ring exhibits the patience necessary to see it through properly instead of reverting to ‘good enough’. The best championship ring makers get it right every time even if it occasionally takes extra time to do so.
  • Love of their Work – Maybe the most important trait necessary for someone to create a first-class championship ring is a love of what they do. That spirit can’t help but infiltrate all their work and will imbue their ring with a certain something lacking in other rings.

Everyone at J3 Rings is a part of our team because they exhibit the above qualities. We love what we do and it shows in every ring we make. Don’t settle for championship rings that are “good enough” when you could have perfect. Don’t settle for less than J3 Rings.